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Can you make the Berghain cut?

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We’ve all been turned away from the door of a club. The classic ‘it’s not your night’ comment is echoed throughout the world in hundreds of different dialects, and remains possibly the most frustrating thing ever in regards to club culture.

Imagine paying for flights to Berlin, sorting your accommodation and then trooping off to Berghain only to be told that tonight isn’t YOUR night. Annoying right?

Berghain’s securirty are notorious for turning hundreds of keen club goers each night, but now you can save yourself a wasted trip to the worlds most prestigious club thanks to a club going simulator.

The simualator sets the scene as a you play a person hoping to become one of the Berghain elite. You come face to face with the doorman who asks you 3 questions. These can be anything out of “How old are you?”, “Are you on drugs tonight?”, “Is this your first time?”, “Where have you come from?” and “Who’s playing tonight?”

The simulator uses facial recognition software in order to analyse your body language based on emotions; anger, sadness, amazement and states of euphoria.

Go to to see if you make the cut.

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