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Cabarza talks new ‘Different Stories’ LP from himself and the late Pete Zorba

Interview: Cabarza & Pete Zorba Different Stories

One of the most impressive house albums we’ve had the pleasure of hearing so far this year arrives as a collaborative long player between Welshman Cabarza, and the late Pete Zorba.

Made over a duration of five years, the album combines a number of different styles, including deep house, progressive and organic house. As well as a number of featured vocalists, from Pablo:Rita, to Eluize.

We spoke to Cabarza about the project, the pressure of wanting to get things perfect for Pete, and whether or not we’ll see remixes of the album in the near future. Read the full discussion below.

So, how are things in the life of Cabarza at the moment?

Things are great at the moment, living in beautiful Abersoch in Wales and in between here and my Manchester studio.

Early July will see you release your new ‘Different Stories’ project, a collaborative album between yourself and the late Pete Zorba, what can fans expect to hear on this one?

Pete and I started just making a few tracks and decided to turn it into an album that would be big for the clubs but also an album most people could listen to as a body of music on Spotify etc., not just a collection of club tracks. It’s a journey of melodic and organic house, or what ever you call it nowadays! We just think it’s beautiful electronic music with some amazing vocals.

Pete sadly passed in 2021, and this album will no doubt be an important part of his legacy, did you feel any extra pressure when finalising the last minute details, to really get things as perfect as possible?

Yes I did feel the pressure but I have worked closely with his wife Mel. Pete and I have hundreds of messages regarding his influences and what we both loved. Pete was adamant about what he liked and disliked so finding the happy balance in his absence was daunting, but we have received amazing feedback.

You spent five years making the album together, can you tell us one memory you have of him from those studio sessions?

Well because I now live in Abersoch, Pete and his family would come and stay and in between sessions we’d walk to the beach to get inspiration, a good way to do music. Pete was actually crying and overwhelmed when we made ‘Find My Way’ and ‘Ninety Degrees’, it’s an amazing memory.

It features vocals from Pablo:Rita and Eluize, among others, how did you go about finding vocalists for the project?

I spoke to Liz Cass as I got her number from the Circus boys, she was the first vocal we did. Eluize is a friend of mine and this vocal was on one of her tracks so I asked if I could sample it. Martha Pryer, I saw on someones instagram and loved her voice, Anabelle Lee works in a surf shop near me, we were just chatting and I got her in for an amazing vocal, Emilie Rachel I saw on instagram and sent her the track, and Neil Marra is a friend of mine and Petes. I know lots of big vocalists but this isn’t what we were looking to do, we wanted fresh and raw talent, which I think we achieved.

And we hear there will be remixes coming at some point, what can we expect from those?

Yes, Pete was a big part of Kaluki, so Lee Spence (Pirate Copy) who runs the label and events may be getting some remixes done in memory of Pete.

How about your own music, which labels might we see Cabarza on in the near future?

Yes, I have lots of new music coming on my own label Late Night Stories, a series of afro and melodic tech house. I spend more time engineering and mixing nowadays but hopefully I’ll be back on the road soon.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

We were told not to release an album in todays climate but it was Petes wishes and I think there isn’t enough well made bodies of music out there, especially in the electronic music scene, so please listen to the whole album, we didn’t just put the best at the beginning. We love you Pete Zorba and if you are looking down on us we hope you are dancing!

Cabarza & Pete Zorba – Different Stories LP drops July 1st on Late Night Stories.

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