Bucky closes out 'Lots of Acid' series with 'That's It' | Soundspace

Bucky closes out ‘Lots of Acid’ series with ‘That’s It’

Bucky closes out 'Lots of Acid' series with 'That's It'

Emerging Belgian DJ & producer Bucky closes out his ‘Lots of Acid’ concept with the series’ 6th track in as many months. Titled ‘That’s It’, the latest addition follows ’S-it’, ‘Asset’, ‘Ass It’, ‘A Sit’, and ‘Pass It’.

The Genk-based artist has previously released his music with imprints such as Strohm Records and Lipstick On Records, and ‘Lots of Acid’ comes as a standalone offering from himself, in partnership with digital distro-service Symphonic Distribution.

As the name of the EP suggests, ‘That’s It’ combines aggressive, heavily filtered acid basslines with thumping techno drums and industrially-tinged percussive loops, for a club-orientated, in-your-face, burst of energy.

Bucky – Lots of Acid EP is out now via Symphonic Distribution.

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