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Brien talks Extended Play, Belfast Underground & more

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We caught up with Belfast youngster Peter Brien to talk his newest venture as ‘Brien’. With recent slots on Belfast Underground and The Night Institute the 18 year old is carving his signature on the cities DJ culture, and we couldn’t be excited enough on what’s to come for him.

Hey Peter, cheers for taking the time to chat, how’s things?

No worries! All good in the hood

Lets start off with your recent appearance at The Night Institute, you played b2b with Timmy Stewart?

Yep! He asked a few weeks ago if id like to play, since Jordan was down playing at Life Festival in Mullingar he was going to be going solo anyway, so i filled in for Jordan.

Timmy is one of the veterans among Belfast DJs, and you’re relatively one of the newest additions, did this show at all?

I think i was quite well prepared, but there were points at the peak time where his experience really showed and had me really under pressure to maintain the energy, but i think i managed to pull it off ok.

We’ve heard you’ll also be releasing on Timmy’s label Extended Play?

Yeah, a 3 track EP with a remix from another extended player! I think its scheduled to be released early/mid june.

It’s your first release as Brien, what can we expect sonically?

I made the tracks a few months ago, at the time i was still in the early stages of developing my sound and I think these were the tracks that I was finally happy with. The first two are jazz flecked, off kilter house tracks with heavily swung rhythms and organic sounding percussion. The third track is more club oriented, with a slightly straighter rhythmic feel and a big juno 60 bassline.

Can’t wait to hear them! How’s your show for Belfast Underground going?

Cheers! Its going great, the past few shows I’ve done the two hours by myself which has been interesting. It’s really pushed me to dig a lot more when buying records to find the good stuff. It’s sort of formed a structure quite naturally which is nice. The first hour is focussed on jazz, funk, soul, hip hop and stuff on that sort of tip, then the second hour goes into house and disco. It’s a nice mix and it’s really enjoyable.

A few casual questions to finish, tell us a useless fact about yourself?

Hmm… I like drawing things but I’m not very good at drawing, I tend to just draw the same character all the time.

What’s the character?

It’s like a wee peanut shaped face with x’s for eyes and I used to draw it on the whiteboards in school where it was coined ‘the squiggly bean man’ by some mates.

What are some tunes you’re digging at the minute?

Im loving all of Nu Guinea’s stuff. So so good, in particular his tune ‘Nu World (flute mix)’. He’s brilliant. Also loving Midland’s blush and all of Leon Vynehall’s Rojus album. Oh and the Brame and Hamo boys’ new EP is killer! Looking forward to catching them at AVA this weekend.

Before we go, do you have any gigs, tracks or plans in the works we should know about?

I have a follow up EP in the pipeline. Im thinking a 4 tracker of all originals, then I’ve been planning an album of some sort in the future. But in the meantime I’m just taking it all as it comes!

Awesome, can’t wait to hear music from you and see you play again, thanks for your time!