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BPM Junction Opens Beta Applications

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Branded as a ‘music exposure and knowledge exchange program’, Waterford, Ireland’s Audio Cloud Innovations is a team of enthusiastic young music lovers hoping to put the power in the hands of the independent bedroom producer.

With the launch of their new BPM Junction site, they will see a shift in the way people network and share not just their favourite, but also their own latest productions.

Currently accepting applications for closed Beta, any lucky applicants will have the ability to upload their music, featured a bio and comment and upvote music from other like minded artists. As well as the option to sell music hopefully coming at a later date.


“The music industry today is going through turbulent times. Musicians find it very hard to earn a living from making music, while the ever growing long tail of music makes it harder to gain exposure or be discovered by fans and record labels” – Kieran Bolger, CEO of BPM Junction.


The main focus for BPM Junction is now listening to the feedback of it’s already active community, making changes where it counts, while cooking up a list of exciting features in the process. We submitted a text input issue and less than 48 hours later we had received a personal message from Kieran that the issue was fixed.

As well as six figures in funding, the company has also received a number of awards. Including the Competitive Start Fund from Enterprise Ireland, and a nomination for Best Start Up in the Waterford Chamber Awards. BPM Junction were also selected as one of only fifteen start ups to attend Google Launchpad 2015 in London.

For more info on BPM Junction or to apply to be a Beta tester, visit www.bpmjunction.com.