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Boiler Room returns to Belfast for AVA Festival 2016

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AVA festival returns for its second year at the shipyard, and they’re bringing Boiler Room back for a second collaboration.

Optimo, Phil Kieran, Hubie Davison, Brame & Hamo, Hammer, Swoose and Cromby will all feature with 45 minute sets on 4th June.

The announcement is sure to please the crowd, especially with the inclusion of Optimo. The duo, made up of Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes) have a very unorthodox persona when it comes to their sets.

Ignoring the rules that genre purists ridiculously maintain, the pair choose to play whatever they want depending on their mood. Unpredictability is key; they choose to mix things up instead of providing the same old routine.

Phil Kieran is also included amongst a strong Irish line up, a line up which has been carefully crafted to promote the best of the islands talents.

Kieran has developed his own distinctive sound over time. Resident Advisor explain that he uses microphones to record anything that makes an interesting sound and mixes them to create melodies through his synths, all of which is processed using vintage equipment. Another unique artist to get the crowd stoked.

Sign up for Boiler Room opens on the 11th May. You will need an AVA Festival ticket number to sign up and will be able to sign up 4 friends, all of which must also have a ticket number and email, Boiler Room will send out emails the day before the event (3rd June) to confirm if you have been give priority or not.

If you haven’t already purchased your AVA Festival ticket you can get it from AVA Festival tickets. It looks set to be an absolute blinder.

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