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Berlin’s clubs unite for Plus 1 campaign

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A genius idea has sprung up amongst clubs in the German capital.

The PLUS 1 campaign is an initiative aimed at helping refugees, and has already raised 40,000 Euros worth of aid.

This is how it works. A required charity donation of at least 1 Euro is requested from anyone that is entering a nightclub through guestlist. The idea is to encourage those that aren’t paying full price on entry to put their savings towards a worthy cause, not more overpriced jagerbombs.

Over 80 of the top venues, promoters and artists have backed the campaign, which began its life back in October of last year. A party was thrown as a thank you gesture from PLUS 1 on Tuesday at Kreuzberg’s Fahimi Bar.

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The charitable concept distributes its donations between three charities; Sea-Watch, Moabit helps!, and Berlin Refugees. Each charity aims to defend the rights of refugees in the face of hateful backlash from politicians and governing authorities and to help those stranded and distressed in the Mediterranean Sea.

The campaign maintains hopes to become a permanent part of Berlin’s iconic nightlife in order to aid further cases in the future.