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Berghain resident DVS1 to make South African debut


Over the past few years, there has been an exponential growth in interest in South Africa as a musical destination. Where just over two decades ago the country was subject to institutionalised racial segregation, we now have a situation where artists and musicians from all over the globe are seeking to explore it’s hidden history and undying cultural activities.

As a young music fan growing up in South Africa, it was always a big deal when a new international act made a debut in the country. For so many years, most fans of music could only connect to global happenings through the limited amount of media channels available at the time. With many countries severing their ties with South Africa it became increasingly tricky for any sort of cultural exchange to occur. Yet despite this disconnection, the electronic music scene in the country was still expanding, albeit in it’s own esoteric way. The house music scene became a staple, whilst subgenres such as kwaito and bubblegum disco began to emerge at an equally fast pace. Fast-forward to 2017, the country has seen over 20 years of democracy and we have had innumerable amounts of new artists gracing our shores whether it is in small clubs or huge sell-out festivals.

Every so often however we get to experience something special, something unique, something unprecedented. Whilst the underground scene here is still in its infancy and most ‘successful’ parties and festivals are those who support the more ‘commercial’ aspects of the electronic dance music world, there is still a strong desire amongst smaller circles to engage with artists and scenes that transcend generic standards.

Just last year I was doing my daily trawling of the web and came across an interview feature on The Vinyl Factory focusing on the expansive record collection of Hush and Mistress label owner DVS1. As an artist who I respect highly and have followed for many years, I decided it was well worth a read. Low and behold, somewhere in the interview he mentioned that he had a particular desire to visit South Africa and explore it’s unique musical history. As a South African, it’s not often when you see one of your favourite artists expressing such an authentic interest in paying a visit to your own home. So, without hesitation I dropped Zak [DVS1] a message and a long conversation ensued…

That same year I was doing some travelling in Europe and of course decided to make the mandatory stopover at Berghain when I was in Germany. I was excited to have my first experience in the infamous space. After hours of partying I couldn’t have been having a better time, until I took a moment to stand at the main bar and noticed a familiar face…

Call it fate, call it coincidence, but just to my left was standing an unassuming DVS1 having a casual conversation with a friend. Considering he wasn’t on the line-up that night I had to do a double take! Nevertheless, I walked up to him and introduced myself. And as he put two and two together we continued our discussion that began on social media just a few weeks before. Thereafter I continued my journey through Europe and on my penultimate night in London (my final stopover) I managed to catch him playing a four-hour set at Village Underground on a Sunday night. It was then that I decided that I had to do something to get him to South Africa no matter what…

After more long conversations and pulling of strings, DVS1 will finally be making the journey he so desired. With a show in both Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively, he will be able to have a first-hand experience of a place that for many artists in the Northern Hemisphere will remain untraveled.

In Johannesburg he will be spinning at one of the town’s best underground clubs And Club, whilst in Cape Town he will take over Colorbox Studios for a unique, specially curated event that promises to be one for the books!

JOHANNESBURG: Facebook Event CAPE TOWN: Facebook Event