ASA 808's Ignorance is the perfect dance track | Soundspace

ASA 808’s Ignorance is the perfect dance track

ASA 808. Man Make Music, Soundspace, Ignorance, George Fitzgerald


Out on George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic imprint, German ASA 808’s Ignorance EP saw an incredible response from names such as Breach, XXXY, Shadow Child and Tom Demac. It’s since been months since the players release and it’s as big a tune as ever.

Alongside the Ignorance original ASA brought Attachment and Bad Karma to make up the three track record and all three bring something fresh to the table. Ignorance came as the perfect pre-offering to ASA 808’s 005 addition in the Soundspace catalogue with the Berlin man branding Peter Gibney’s Fine Lines in his own esoteric style.


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