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Anthony Parasole heads to South Africa for two exclusive shows

Anthony Parasole

As we approach summer season in South Africa one thing is certain, we are going to see a large number of international artists gracing our shores, particularly in Cape Town. For some, it will be their first time, whilst for others it will be a welcome return. Due to the nature of our surroundings and beautiful weather during this period, most parties are understandably focused on Ibiza-style productions with big stages and flashy décor. In addition, the psy-trance scene begins its big run of outdoor events. However, amongst these larger parties, there is still space for smaller, more niche events to occur.

One of the few teams that spearhead this end of the local nightlife scene is Johannesburg-based house and techno collective TOY TOY. Having operated for over six years, they have been on a roll with bringing cutting-edge underground acts into the country. This year in particularly they have initiated shows with likes of Claudio PRC, Tim Sweeney, Sinfol, and Tobias. and been involved in sharing artists such as DVS1 and most recently Radio Slave with promoters in Cape Town. To close off the year in style, they have facilitated the debut of yet another Berghain resident, this time in the form of Brooklyn-born club-music veteran Anthony Parasole. In doing so, Cape Town-based label Knowledge Recordings (run by D_Know) in association with passionate hard-techno brand Vault will be hosting the house and techno aficionado for an exclusive show in the Mother City.

Though many local party pundits may insist that South Africa’s underground culture is at a point of no return, it is abundantly clear that positive moves are still being made towards it regeneration. If the DVS1 events in August were anything to go by, it is undeniable that a need still exists for events that transcend the regular festival blueprint that dominates the scene here.

Anthony Parasole is scheduled to play the following shows in South Africa:

08 December – TOY TOY @ And Club [Johannesburg]

09 December – Knowledge x Vault @ Mødular. [Cape Town]