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Amelie Lens mixes new ‘fabric presents’

Amelie Lens mixes new 'fabric presents'

Since launching their ‘fabric presents’ mix series at the start of 2019, the London club has delivered compilations from Bonobo, The Martinez Brothers and Kölsch, and number four arrives on November 22nd.

Responsible for the tracklist and mix of the album is Belgian selector Amelie Lens, who has released on Drumcode, Second State, and her own Lenske imprint.

Included on her 19-long exclusive tracklist is a bunch of emerging producers like Anetha, Regal, Nur Jaber and more, alongside Farrago, AIROD and Milo Spykers from the Lenske roster and one track from Lens herself.

“fabric has a special place in my heart. It is one of the few places I play all-nighters and it was the first international stop for my Exhale nights. To be a part of the legendary fabric mix series is a really big honour for me.” – Amelie Lens

AIROD, Setaoc Mass, Perc, IMOGEN and Vatican Shadow will play together with Lens on November 30th at fabric to celebrate the launch of the album.

fabric presents Amelie Lens drops November 22nd on fabric and will be available on double 12″, CD, digital formats and on streaming platforms.

Mix Tracklist:
01. SLV & Z.I.P.P.O – Theory Of Relativity
02. Pär Grindvik – Isle of Real (Colombia M.I.L.Y 2019)
03. Michael Klein – Boiling
04. Flug – ADSR
05. Nur Jaber – Rave With Me
06. Setaoc Mass – This Blue Line
07. MSKD – Savage Earth
08. Amelie Lens – Solitude Tool
09. Anetha – Nikita
10. Irregular Synth – Mutation
11. Milo Spykers – Look Ahead
12. AIROD – Liquor
13. Blicz & Geerson – Eleven Roses
14. Ahl Iver – Cry For Redemption
15. Lukas Firtzer – Praise The Night
16. Farrago – Ensnare
17. Glaskin – Reaktor Rave
18. Regal & Alignment – Astro
19. Hadone – Courtship Unleashed

Vinyl Tracklist:
A1. Amelie Lens – Solitude Tool
A2. Milo Spykers – Look Ahead
A3. Pär Grindvik – Limits of Real (Colombia M.I.L.Y. 2019)
A4. SLV & Z.I.P.P.O. – Theory Of Relativity
B1. Blicz & Geerson – Eleven Roses
B2. Anetha – Nikita
B3. Regal, Alignment – Astro
C1. Ahl Iver – Cry For Redemption
C2. Flug – ASDR
C3. Michael Klein – Boiling
D1. Hadone – Courtship Unleashed
D2. Glaskin – Reaktor Rave
D3. AIROD – Liquor
D4. Nur Jaber – Rave With Me