Alex O'Rion releases new progressive house album 'Nostalgia' | Soundspace

Alex O’Rion releases new progressive house album ‘Nostalgia’

Alex O’Rion is a Dutch progressive artist whose new release is an exquisite album titled ‘Nostalgia’. The project features 13 original tracks, alongside his previously unreleased remix of Kasper Koman’s ‘Loco Motif’ as a bonus inclusion.

It’s a well-produced body of work which showcases his versatility as a producer, and although there’s still a dancefloor energy running through the tracklist, it also plays with different moods and emotions.

Speaking on the album, Alex adds “The album ‘Nostalgia’ gets its name because it reflects a sentiment that has grown stronger as I’ve aged. Fondly reminiscing about the music of a younger me, I often sense a certain soulfulness lacking in today’s electronic music. In an attempt to explore this feeling, I went on a bit of a self-reset and a touch of reinvention”.

There is a poignant intimacy with this release, and it’s an essential listen for anyone who is a fan of melodic electronic music.

Alex O’Rion – Nostalgia LP is out now Solis Records.

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