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AIAIAI release “worlds first wireless studio headphones”

AIAIAI release "worlds first wireless studio headphones"

Danish headphone company AIAIAI continue to grow their impressive line up of DJ and studio focused headphones, this time with what they call the “worlds first wireless headphones for music creation”.

There is no shortage of bluetooth enabled headphones on the market, though due to limited bandwidth and high latency, low audio quality and less than desirable response times have ruled them out of any professional standard studio sessions in the past.

AIAIAI solve these issues with their new TMA-2 Studio Wireless+, and what they call W+ Link technology, a system which exceeds the bandwidth of traditional bluetooth, allowing up to 16bit lossless audio and ultra-low 16ms latency times, for 16 hours of playback.

The new headphones serve as an extension to their existing modular line up, and alongside the W+ link, can also be used with any bluetooth enabled device for 80 hours of playback, as well as via a traditional cable.

As is common with any AIAIAI product, the TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ was developed in partnership with real artists, with Richie Hawtin, Mella Dee, and Sango providing feedback this time around.

They are currently available for pre-order, with shipping starting on December 27th. Pricing starts at £300 / €350 / $350. See more here.

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