Adamn Killa collaborates with Yung Lean and Shlohmo on bonus track | Soundspace

Adamn Killa collaborates with Yung Lean and Shlohmo on bonus track

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Chicago bred rapper Adamn Killa has released a bonus track from his debut mixtape ‘Back 2 Ballin’.

The mixtape dropped last week, but Killa has surprised fans with the exposure of a video for ‘Ten’, and he’s brought producer Shlohmo and Sadboy Yung Lean along for the ride.

Shlohmo fuses atmospheric production with trap style hi-hats to devastating and infectious effect. Killa’s lyrics, and the track title itself, are nods to rap ideology and the excess that is birthed from success.

Lean is as moody as ever, informing us that he no longer believes in love, something that can only be another influence of success.

The video, directed by Rigel Kilston, shows Lean and Killa vibing out on rooftops, dancing in fields of flowers and holding snakes around their necks. They look to be having a great time, and why not? Both are making waves throughout the electronic and rap worlds.

Whilst Adamn Killa is relatively unknown, collaborating with a producer as prestigious as Shlohmo and an artist with as much modern influence as Yung Lean is certainly one way of making a name for yourself. Keep your eyes peeled for more from the 19 year old.

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