AC Slater brings 'Bass Inside' to OWSLA (Interview) | Soundspace

AC Slater brings ‘Bass Inside’ to OWSLA (Interview)

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LA based producer AC Slater brings his ‘Night Bass’ aesthetic to the OWSLA camp. We caught up with the future emperor of bass to talk working with Chris Lorenzo, support from Skrillex and his Party Like Us label.

So who is AC Slater?

I’m a producer and DJ who makes music I call “Night Bass” which is a mix of UK Garage, House, Bassline and anything in between.

Your ‘Bass Inside EP’ is out on OWSLA, tell us a bit about the tracks?

The EP is a nice variety of styles linked by a common bass-driven thread. Bass Inside is a forward thinking, darker, twisted song. Flacid is a bubbly bass dancefloor roller. Squeak It Up is the bouncy nod to fidget house.

You collaborated with Chris Lorenzo and TT The Artist for this one, what was it like working with these guys, any cool stories?

Chris and I made a few songs at his house in Birmingham last year, just messing around with his gear and some ideas we had. This one started there and we finished it up nearly a year later in Los Angeles. With TT, I just love her style so I reached out and luckily she was into the idea and we did the whole process online. We still haven’t met in person yet!

And getting the seal of approval from Skrillex?

It’s definitely awesome to have Skrillex support my music. OWSLA is like a big collective of artists, so they are involved with every aspect of the release from A&R up to the music video, it’s really cool.

Your LA based Night Bass parties, anything in the works for this year?

I just launched a Summer Series of Night Bass shows around North America called “Summer Phases”, this will be an annual event with dates spread throughout the summer. I’ve got a Night Bass stage at Electric Forest festival June 25th, which I’m very excited about. That’s all I can probably get away with saying at this point, and just continue to do the monthly event in Los Angeles.

What about your label, Party Like Us?

Party Like US has been around for 7 years now. My taste and vision has changed around over that time period. Right now it’s dormant as I am 100% focused on Night Bass, but Party Like Us is there for more of a variation of styles, while Night Bass is a very specific sound.

So you’ve been publicly appreciated by Moby, remixed Big Sean and played Coachella, what’s left for you to accomplish?

Playing at Coachella was a dream come true for sure. I get to play Lollapalooza this year as well, which is another bucket list gig. As an artist, I really want my music to excel and reach a wider audience while still maintaining my core sound. I really have my sights set on Europe and Asia as my career has a lot of room to grow there.

Who are your upcoming bass music artists we should watch out for?

Petey Clicks, Phlegmatic Dogs, Jay Robinson, Hotfire, Landis LaPace.