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9 Prince tracks that changed music

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On the 21st April 2016 the world lost one of its true visionaries, in every sense of the word. Prince was found dead at his recording studio in Minnesota. We could hardly believe it.

To many, Prince was much more than just a musician, which inevitably led to his universal love.

He was an icon to those who had become uncomfortable with their sexuality through force and aggression. At a time when homosexuality maintained a negative mainstream image he was an inspiration of freedom through his blatant ignorance of conformity.

These pieces are always difficult to narrow down. Providing a ‘best of’ category for any artist is difficult, with Prince it’s probably impossible. Forgive me for your beloved tracks that I have missed, and immerse yourself in a few of my favourites.

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Little Red Corvette

This track, released from the album 1999 in 1985, was Prince’s first to reach the top 10 in the U.S, reaching its climax at number 6.

Throughout the track Prince narrates a one night stand with the ‘little red corvette.’ He combines a slow, romantic build up before flipping the song on its head with a powerful rock influenced chorus.

Themes of love and tragedy are notable throughout. Love is the aim and tragedy is the outcome, it’s everything in between that Prince does so well.

Backing vocals were provided by Lisa Coleman and the track also features a guitar solo from Dez Dickerson.

In addition to the original a 12” remix of the song was released in the U.S and the U.K. The American version was released with the album track All The Critics Love U In New York as the B Side. The U.K edition had two separate released, it was paired with Lady Cab Driver and Horny Toad.


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