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9 Perc Trax bangers you need to listen to

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What began as a platform for UK producer Perc has evolved into one of the most experimental and forward thinking labels in music today. Perc Trax’ productions may not be for everyone. It’s an intimidating sound, very much the heavy metal of the electronic world.

Perc’s personal venture into sound came around the age of fifteen. An interest in bands was abstractly met with a desire to work alone, which in the end led to the producer listening to a lot more electronic music. Discovering that most of the sound entering his ears was made at home on cheap equipment sparked a yearning for experimentation and discovery.

Since it’s conception in 2004 Perc Trax has developed an impressive roster of artists, all bringing their own unique and diverse qualities to the table. Perc himself is a titan of the techno scene and he’s been joined by Truss, Sawf and Forward Strategy Group in their quest for hard hitting techno.

Perc Trax began releasing albums in 2009. In an industry that focuses so much on releasing singles, it’s refreshing to witness an imprint so keen on continuing the artistry of crafting a full length record. Two sub labels have also been launched (Submit and Perc Trax Ltd) allowing a greater number of artists from a greater number of backgrounds to become part of the Perc Trax la familia.

Perc Trax has now been on the go for over a decade. We’ve explored the labels productions from 2013 to the present day to bring you nine of our favourites from the last few years. So, in no particular order, concrete noise and devilish intensity awaits.

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Mick Finesse – Meltdown

“Melodramatic death rattles, on a leisurely stroll through tedium.”

Mick Finesse made a return to Perc Trax after his warmly received debut on the label. Tunnel Vision EP featured a remix from label head Perc and since then the Denver based artist has released an EP on Scottish imprint Broken20 and his The Disaster Began During A Systems Test showcases “dense, filmic techno characterised by smudged atmospherics and buried vocal samples.”

‘Meltdown’ is the lead track from the EP. It’s a track that shows just how deep Finesse is willing to get when it comes to his sound design. The track swarms with abstract noise as it creates an emotional atmosphere. Sounds are drenched in anguish, crafting an otherworldly vibe as you stroll through its six minute length.

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