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5 reasons you can’t miss AVA 2016

AVA Festival Belfast 2016 Soundspace

AVA 2015 was somewhat a spectacle. Events like this don’t come about all the time, especially in Northern Ireland. For years we have been deprived of big scale fiascos that involve artists in the dance music community with the only other festival event’s in the city being Belsonic or T-Vital which haven’t delved into the underground culture at all.

AVA returns on Saturday the 4th of June for another showcase of the ever-growing electronic music and visual arts community of Belfast. They return with a diverse lineup representing the homeland as well as some very exciting guests. Here are 5 reasons why you can’t miss AVA this year.

1. Rodhad NI Debut

AVA Festival Belfast 2016 Soundspace

Rodhad, the red haired Dystopian frontman plays for the first time in Belfast headlining the event alongside Mano Le Tough.

His sets are filled with emotion and melancholy, balancing powerful dub techno and atmospheric layers which together with his impeccable mixing technique is a perfect match for the main industrial warehouse setting in T13.

Belfast has always had a love for techno and after seeing the reaction of the crowds last year, this performance will definitely be fitting of the headline title.

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