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5 great synths under £400

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As the capabilities of computers has increased, so has the decline in hardware within studios. To combat this, hardware manufacturers such as Korg, Moog and Roland are releasing compact, reliable synths – at an affordable price.

It seems the budget end of the market has exploded in recent years, making hardware accessible for everyone from beginners to professional producers alike.

We’ve composed a list of some of the best hardware synths out there for under £400.


5. Novation UltraNova
Price: £315
soundspace, tech, moog, korg, novation, waldorf, roland, technology

This up to date version of Novation’s SuperNova is a great all-round synth and can be used for a wide variety of sounds. It features an 18-voice synth engine, 12-band vocoder and many different effects.

Its touch response is also an interesting feature. The Ultranova can also be used as an audio interface and works incredibly well and easy with your chosen DAW.

While being incredibly versatile, the UltraNova has been known to have slight problems with stereo separation, and some of its patches are very processed, making some of the sounds difficult to fit within a track, with that being said, the machine is still excellent value for money.

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