40 Questions: Timo Maas | Soundspace

40 Questions: Timo Maas

40 Questions: Timo Maas | Soundspace (Interview)

Hanover producer Timo Maas has perhaps been one of the most prolific German artists of the past two decades. With three studio albums behind him and tracks on Last Night On Earth and Rejected, he’s had a career that most artists would view as ‘bucket list’ material.

His most recent display comes in the form of a remix for pop icon Moby, as Timo and James Teej bring their own version of the ‘Porcelain’ classic via Maas’s own Rockets & Ponies imprint, a label where he has previously delivered music from Ricardo Villalobos, Alan Fitzpatrick and Maetrik.

Read on for Timo’s thoughts on inspiring acts, alternate career paths and his favourite record of all time.

01. Where are you right now and what are you doing?

Minsk, Belarus, doing this interview.

02. What year were you born?


03. What’s the coolest thing in your house?

My kitchen.

04. Worst experience as a DJ?

No payments, no driver, no phone, no taxi.

05. Best experience as a DJ?

Stage diving on shrooms in DC10.

06. Favourite record label?

Rockets & Ponies.

07. House or Techno?


08. First record you ever paid for?

Fleetwood Mac.

09. Studio or DJ booth?


10. Your dream collaboration?

Unfortunately died.

11. Tell us something we shouldn’t know about you?


12. Cats or dogs?


13. Ever smoked?

Not really.

14. Ever done drugs?


15. Ever stole?


16. Busy city, or quiet beach?


17. One act who’s inspired you your whole career?

Carl Cox.

18. If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing?


19. Worst job you’ve ever had?

Carrying newspapers on early mornings.

20. Favourite record right now?

Moby – Porcelain (Timo Maas & James Teej’s Broken China Dub).

40 Questions: Timo Maas | Soundspace (Interview)

21. Favourite record of all time?

Roy Ayers – Everybody loves the sunshine.

22. One thing you couldn’t live without?

My family.

23. Favourite food?

All of it.

24. Movies or books?


25. Vinyl or CDJs?


26. Favourite country to travel to?


27. Favourite club you’ve played at?

DC10 early 2000’s.

28. Favourite festival you’ve played at?


29. Craziest story of being on the road?

Come on.

30. Weirdest request as a DJ?

Nothing can shock me anymore.

31. Coke or Pepsi?

Coke of course.

32. If you had one super power what would it be?


33. Late sleeper or early riser?

Early bird.

34. Favourite fruit?


35. Strangest video you’ve watched on YouTube?

Some famous DJ being praised by his followers on a hip fancy Ibiza afterparty, hands in the air, chanting taaaaxi.

36. Shower or bath?


37. The top thing on your bucket list?

One month food tour of Japan.

38. PlayStation or Xbox?


39. Do you have any pets?


40. Anything to add?

Salt maybe?

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