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40 Questions: Richie Blacker

40 Questions: Richie Blacker

Richie Blacker has seemingly come out of nowhere over the past two or so years, going from being a relatively unknown producer to now finding himself as one of the biggest prospects in British and Irish club music.

Known for a sound which sits somewhere between trance, house, and progressive, Richie’s ability to deliver an emotive and uplifting, yet equally energetic and infectious experience is giving his fans something unique.

The past few years have seen him drop a slew of releases on Skream’s Of Unsound Mind, as well as multiple outings with labels like Anjunadeep, Nothing Else Matters, and Circus Recordings.

We welcome the Belfast-based artist to our 40 Questions this week, where we he mentions everything from Harry Potter and Ibiza, to Leonardo DiCaprio, and Salt & vinegar crickets. Get the full discussion with Richie Blacker below.

1. Where are you right now and what are you doing?

Laying on the sofa at home, half watching Harry Potter while answering these questions.

2. What year were you born?


3. Do you have a nickname?

My real name is Richard. Everyone calls me Richie.

4. What’s the coolest thing in your house?

Apart from me, it would have to be my 303 and 909.

5. How would you describe yourself?

Sound, easy going, and I love a good sesh.

6. Worst experience as a DJ?

I played a NYE gig a few years ago and got so drunk I played the NYE countdown 10 minutes early. The crowd was not happy, put it that way.

7. Best experience as a DJ?

Far too many to mention.

8. Favourite record label?


9. What’s your biggest weakness?

Saying no to the sesh.

10. First record you ever paid for?

Daft Punk – Homework on vinyl. I think I was 13 or 14.

11. What’s your morning routine?

I get up super early around 6am, make a coffee and start sorting emails then I go to the gym. Once I get back home I get stuck into music for the rest of the day.

12. Your dream collaboration?

To do a track with Daft Punk.

13. Tell us something we shouldn’t know about you?

I’m a big Star Wars and Harry Potter fan.

14. Who’s your biggest inspiration outside of music?

My mum and dad. I wouldn’t be where I am or the person I am today without them.

15. And in the industry?

Probably a mix between Daft Punk, Sasha, Bicep & the late great Andrew Weatherall.

16. Ever smoked?


17. Ever done drugs?

Ask no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.

18. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

My mum and dad bought me my first set of decks for my 17th Birthday. That’s where is all started.

19. And the best gift you’ve ever given?

I took my mate on a bender to Ibiza for the weekend when I was 21 for his Birthday. Can’t remember any of it. It’s all a blur but I know we had an amazing weekend.

20. What’s the coolest place you’ve ever been to?

I have been to a lot of places. But Ibiza is where my heart lies.

40 Questions: Richie Blacker

21. And one place you want to visit?

Bora Bora. It’s an Island in the French Polynesia.

22. If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing?

I was a plumber before I started DJing and doing music full time.

23. Worst job you’ve ever had?

Not the worst job but definitely the strangest. I used to work in a warehouse that sold illegal fireworks and dildos. No one ever believes me when I tell them this. But my brother and cousin worked there as well. So they can back me up lol.

24. Favourite record right now?

My new track “Moths”.

25. And the best record ever made?

I think about this question all the time. It’s too hard to answer!

26. One thing you couldn’t live without?


27. Your favourite food?


28. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Salt & vinegar crickets.

29. Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Leonardo DiCaprio.

30. What’s something you’re passionate about besides music?

Fitness and training.

31. Favourite club you’ve played?

T13 warehouse in Belfast.

32. Favourite festival you’ve played?

Sunflower Festival.

33. Craziest story of being on the road?

I have done a few sessions in Ibiza and most nights were absolutely mental. Miss those days.

34. Weirdest request as a DJ?

It’s always to play shit tunes that I would never play.

35. If you had one super power what would it be?

To be able to fly or rewind time.

36. Late sleeper or early riser?

Early riser.

37. Strangest video you’ve watched on YouTube?

I don’t really use YouTube to watch videos like that. I have been watching a lot of Eurorack and Eurorack module videos on YouTube recently, as it something I’m really wanting to get into.

38. The top thing on your bucket list?

To travel and see the world. DJing and touring will help me do that.

39. Most memorable moment of your life so far?

Getting the number one spot on Beatport with my “Summer of Rave EP”.

40. Will you ever be done with music?


Richie Blacker – Rave As If You’ll Live Forver EP is out now on Of Unsound Mind.

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