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40 Questions: Francesca Lombardo

40 Questions: Francesca Lombardo

Francesca Lombardo is about as pure a definition of the term artist as you’ll manage to find, both in the club music sphere and in the wider industry as a whole.

Over the years she has released original music on some of house and techno’s most esteemed record labels, including Ovum Recordings, Crosstown Rebels, Bedrock Records, and Poker Flat Recordings.

Her latest studio release, a 4-track EP titled ‘Synthesize’, came right at the very end of 2023, and marked the 100th release on Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion imprint.

Now considered a veteran of her craft she’s developed her sound to a level that most producers only aspire to, a perfectly measured balance of rhythm and melody that hits the spot every time.

Joining us this month to take on our 40 Questions the Italian artist chats about everything from Talking Heads and Monica Bellucci, to the Grand Canyon and Yann Tiersen. Read the full interview with Francesca Lombardo below.

1. Where are you right now and what are you doing?

At home, having breakfast.

2. What year were you born?


3. Do you have a nickname?


4. What’s the coolest thing in your house?

A painting by the artist Luio Zau.

5. How would you describe yourself?

Happy and dramatic.

6. Worst experience as a DJ?

When I was booked to play a party in Miami, the police closed the party as soon as I entered and I couldn’t play.

7. Best experience as a DJ?

Probably sunrise on Robot Heart at Burning Man.

8. Favourite record label?

Too many.

9. What’s your biggest weakness?

Chestnuts and Coca Cola.

10. First record you ever paid for?

Lochi – London Acid City on Stay Up Forever Records.

11. What’s your morning routine?

Coffee, and another coffee.

12. Your dream collaboration?

Yann Tiersen.

13. Tell us something we shouldn’t know about you?

I often DJ on my toes.

14. Who’s your biggest inspiration outside of music?


15. And in the industry?

The dance floor.

16. Ever smoked?


17. Ever done drugs?


18. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

A piano.

19. And the best gift you’ve ever given?

A toy airplane.

20. What’s the coolest place you’ve ever been to?

Grand Canyon.

40 Questions: Francesca Lombardo

21. And one place you want to visit?


22. If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing?

I would be an astronaut maybe.

23. Worst job you’ve ever had?

Waitress, I was just useless at it.

24. Favourite record right now?

Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense.

25. And the best record ever made?

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon.

26. One thing you couldn’t live without?

My studio.

27. Your favourite food?

English roast with gravy.

28. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?


29. Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Monica Bellucci.

30. What’s something you’re passionate about besides music?

Cosmetic skin care.

31. Favourite club you’ve played?


32. Favourite festival you’ve played?

Burning Man.

33. Craziest story of being on the road?

When I jumped in the wrong car once after arriving in Rome for a gig and didn’t realise, the driver brought me back to the airport.

34. Weirdest request as a DJ?

A shot of tequila.

35. If you had one super power what would it be?

X-ray vision.

36. Late sleeper or early riser?


37. Strangest video you’ve watched on YouTube?

Peppa Pig.

38. The top thing on your bucket list?

Atacama Desert, I have never been.

39. Most memorable moment of your life so far?

When I gave birth.

40. Will you ever be done with music?

Never, I would rather die.

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